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Registration as a GN Member:

Gauteng North Open tournament

Registration as a GN Member:

Each member of the GN Chess Union will receive a membership card in May/June on
which a GN number is printed. GN players that quote this number will receive huge
discounts at certain chess tournaments and chess promotions. Thew GN number can be 
quoted in future on entry forms and the participant will not need to fill in all the details
like unregistered or non-GN chess players have to.

Registration for seniors:  (21 years and older)
R75 per year. This fee includes CHESSA registration and all benefits in the article 

Registration for Juniors (0-20 years)
R75 per year. This fee includes CHESSA registration and registration with the 
GN Junior Chess Association which facilitates the selection the selection of
provincial teams that participate annually in the SA Junior Chess Championship,
plus the benefits mentioned above.

Registration with Gauteng North means that:

1. Your interests is managed at CHESSA, e.g. quick registration, checking on
the rating system, development, etc.

2. That you are part of the e-mail distribution list and that in this way you will
receive entry forms and news very quickly.

3.  That you will get DISCOUNT on some of the entry fees of tournaments.

4.  That you will receive a GN Newsletter of about 8-12 pages three times
a year.

5.  That you are member of the most progressive province in South Africa
- the highest number of rated and other quality events are presented here.

6.  A choice of active chess clubs, very active schools chess scene and
our Junior and school chess teams are the best in the country.

7.  Numerous top coaches are available here.

8. And there are lost of fun chess activities and promotions at various 
shopping centres

9.  Some R50 000 in prize money to be won every year in Gauteng North.

10.  Be part of a Winning Team!

Gauteng North Open This tournament will be held on the 23, 24, 25 of August
The Kiepersol Hall (in Centurion) will be the venue for the tournament.
Contact Elise Steenkamp (012 6543495 for more
information about this tournament.